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Poop Scooping Services
We all know dogs are our best friends but without the ability to flush, they can also leave a mess in the backyard which can be both a nuisance and hazard.  Whether you are looking for weekly ongoing maintenance or just a one-time cleaning, Karen's Critter Sitting is here to help!

Monthly Packages

Monthly poop scooping packages include 4 cleanings (1 per week) at the rates shown below:

1-2 Dogs - $65 per month ($16.25 per week)
3-4 Dogs - $75 per month ($18.75 per week)
5-6 Dogs - $85 per month ($21.25 per week)

One-Time Cleaning

One-time cleanings are also available on an as needed basis at the rates shown below:

1-2 Dogs - $32.50 per cleaning
3-4 Dogs - $37.50 per cleaning
5-6 Dogs - $42.50 per cleaning

Backlog Fee 

If there is a backlog of accumulated waste, a backlog fee will be charged in the amount of $15 for each 15 minute period in excess of the first 30 minutes.  This is only applicable for first-time customers and one-time cleanings.

Waste Removal Fee

We double-bag all waste and dispose of it in your trash receptacle at no charge.  For an additional $3 per cleaning, we will haul the waste away.


If you are unable to be home at the scheduled time of service, gates will need to be left unlocked so we can access your yard.

As long as your dogs are friendly, they are more than welcome to keep us company while we work.  Otherwise, they will need to be kept restrained or indoors while we are in their space.

We clean and disinfect our shoes and tools between yards to promote cleanliness and ensure we do not spread disease.

All services are month-to-month or one-time.  There are no long term contracts to sign and you may cancel at any time.

Poop Facts

The EPA estimates per gram, dog waste contains 20 million live germs (parasites, bacteria, germs, pathogens and viruses) harmful to humans.

Fertilizer comes only from grazing animals (herbivores) like cows, horses, sheep and goats. Their manure is healthy for plants because it is 100% plant material.

You can become ill eating fruits or vegetables “fertilized” by dog poop, which explains why it has zero commercial value as a fertilizer while cow manure is 10¢ a pound.

Just walking through poop-contaminated yards deposits more than 420,000 harmful bacteria on shoes of which 99% transfer easily to floors inside homes.

Fecal coliform and other bacteria found in dog waste can persist on the ground for months. Picking up dog waste removes 99% of the problem.
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